About us

The City of Coventry Corps of Drums, formed in 1947, is one of the longest running youth marching bands in the UK with over 70 years of history behind it. Whilst it was formed in a very different time to that of today, we’re very proud that the Corp's general principles and aims have remained relatively unchanged - to give children and young adults the opportunity to be part of an organisation where they learn to play music whilst having fun with friends. 


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Teaching and learning

Corps members learning to play whilst marching

The main aims of the Corps are to teach members to read, understand and play a variety of musical instruments. It doesn’t matter if you can play an instrument when you join, as you’ll be taught through group sessions, one to one tuition, taking both practical and theory tests to make sure that you not only learn to play an instrument but also that you understand the principles behind it. 


You’ll also:

> Be taught to march

> Develop the skills of military style self-presentation 

> Progress through a structured grading award system


Making great friends

Corps members taking a break from rehersals

The City of Coventry Corps of Drums is a fun way to meet new friends and enjoy travelling around the UK.


Twice a week, members meet up at the Cheylesmore Community Centre, Coventry and learn the skills needed to be part of the Corps. When members are not being taught, they are usually chatting and laughing with friends.


As you’d expect, this type of organisation creates friendships that last a lifetime with some of the senior members having made friendships that have spanned decades.


Watch us in action

Have a look at the video below to get a real idea of what it's like to be part of a well respected marching band.