Meet us

The Corps is made up of playing members, trainees and support staff. You can find out a bit more about the playing members below and get a feel for what it's really like to be part of the UK's longest running youth military style marching bands.


You can find out more about joining the Corps here.



Photo of Harvey Scrimshaw - Bandsman

Joshua Haines


"I joined the Corps because I wanted to learn to play brass. My dad has been part of the Corps for most of his life so I thought i'd give it a try. I now play soprano and like that the Corps gives people the chance to get out there and perform which also helps their self confidence ."  

Photo of Steve Silcott -Lance Corporal

William Griffin


"I joined the Corps four years ago and love playing musical instruments. I play the drum and keyboard (glockenspiel) for the Corps and at school I also play a drum kit and guitar. I love performing in front of people and enjoy marching in my uniform. I've also made some great friends."

Photo of Brandon Ash - Senior Bandsman

Mia Beaufoy


"I already play the Cornet at school so wanted to try the Corps of Drums to learn a different brass instrument. I play Soprano trumpet in the Brass section and really enjoy being part of the Corps but you definitely won't catch me playing a drum!"  

Photo of Mason Read - Sergeant

Mason Read


"I joined the Corps eleven years ago and didn't know how to play an instrument. My Dad has been a member for almost thirty years so I have grown up around the Corps. Over the years I've learnt to play the snare drum, the quads and the trios. I've also moved into a teaching role and enjoy helping people learn to play. "