Meet us

There are currently 35 playing members, 6 trainees and 13 support staff within the Corps. You can find out a bit more about the playing members below and get a feel for what it's really like to be part of the UK's longest running youth military style marching bands.


You can find out more about joining the Corps here.



Photo of Harvey Scrimshaw - Bandsman

Harvey Scrimshaw - Bandsman


"I joined the Corps three years ago because I wanted to learn to play the drum. I got a drum kit for my birthday and started to look online for where I could learn and found videos of the Corps on Utube. I really enjoy being in the Corps and enjoy travelling  with my friends."  

Photo of Josh Tennant - Sereant

Josh Tennant- Sergeant


"I've been in the Corps of Drums since 2012. I joined the Corps because I liked playing instruments and music. The best thing for me about the Corps is that we go to different places and meet new people."

Photo of Thomas Binnie - Staff Sergeant and Drum Major

Thomas Binnie - Staff Sergeant and Drum Major


"I joined the Corps of Drums back in 2010. I joined, as I was interested in playing the drums and in playing music. For me the best thing about being part of the Corps is the people you are there with, the places we go and it's something good to do."

Photo of Brandon Ash - Senior Bandsman

Brandon Ash - Senior Bandsman


"Being in the Corps of Drums is fun and I like having a good time with all of my friends. I joined five years ago and have learnt to play the trumpet. My favourite part of being in the Corps is getting to learn new pieces of music."  

Photo of Steve Silcott -Lance Corporal

Steve Silcott - Lance Corporal


"I joined the Corps in 2014 and have really enjoyed my time here so far. I saw a video of the Corps on Utube and wanted to join and am learning to play the drum. The thing I enjoy most about being in the Corps is travelling and going to new places."

Photo of Mason Read - Sergeant

Mason Read - Sergeant


"I joined the Corps of Drums six years ago and didn't know how to play an instrument. My Dad has been a member for over twenty five years so I have grown up around the Corps. Since joining, I've learnt to play the drum, march and most of all have enjoyed going to different places all over the UK."